The L World – Connecting The Women’s Community

Enough with the Rainbows, the obnoxious art, and the party lifestyle in our faces. It’s time for a new era. Our past negative stereotypes have gone on for quite too long. We are more than girl crazy, party animals with rebellious and reckless behaviors with no real life direction. We are beautiful, successful, driven, business owners made up of talented photographers, interior designers, fitness gurus, fashion setters, musicians, models, mothers, doctors, teachers, and more. We are WOMEN above all else. Many of the LGBT communities are oversaturated and overshadowed by GAY only support. And good for them, but as women first – where is the platform that is uplifting our community and helping each other rise not in and LGBT world, but the actual world?

We are so connected on social media including major platforms that have given women a large audience to speak too. But we aren’t united. We are all on our own individual quests. This is a MOVEMENT. A NEW ERA for the LESBIAN COMMUNITY. We have upped our game and it’s time to bridge the gaps.

This is a business directory dedicated solely to the lesbian community to empower each other. This is a movement to challenge a redefining of who the world thinks we are. It is time to show our youth something more than glamorizing the party lifestyle. This is a movement to help youth and adults alike find lesbian owned businesses or LGBT friendly businesses where they can feel inclusive of no matter what service you seek. In turn, we drive more business to the lesbian owners of this community.

– Cass