About the Founders

Creativescape Studios consists of founders Cass Wyant and Jen Aquia. Fine artists at heart, both Cass and Jen also share a love for graphic design. Jen is a portrait driven artist who prefers pastels and pencils as her medium of choice, while Cass is an acrylic painter and muralist. Jen is talented in Photography. Cass excels in design. When their talents overlap their skills are only amplified making Creativescape Studios a solid and dynamic team.

Interpretive Design
Print Design
Logo Design
Web Design

Cass Wyant


Cass Wyant is a self-taught artist who wanted to merge her fine arts passion with technology, earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media from the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa.

Though passionate about art, Cass also has a deep calling to the aesthetics in the design world and has sought to bridge the gap between her two loves, art and design. Sometimes feeling like a “jack-of-all trades” Cass seeks to help small business owners grow their business and stay within budget by offering interior design advice, branding conceptualization, and a web presence. “Art and design is not just what I do, it’s who I am. I see it and I breathe it as if bleed it. I’m here to offer my expertise to those who are overwhelmed with the often overlooked, but vital parts in what can make or break a business. First impressions are everything, so get a good start out of the gate with a solid foundation.”

Jen Aquia


Jen Aquia started her art career around the ripe age of 2, when she proudly drew her first “mural” on the living room wall with permanent markers. Her parents may not have recognized her scribbles as talent at the time, however her passions eventually led her on to earn  a Bachelors of Art, in Graphic Design and a Masters of Fine Art, from Maryland Institute College of Art.  She specializes in portraits and faux effects.  One of her signature styles, is her montage portraits.  These montages, in pencil or pastel, are drawn after she spends time sitting with someone and sharing in old pictures. This helps her form a compostion that best represents their history.

For over 15 years Jen Aquia has been living in the Keys. Eventually she began pursuing another of her passions by opening a company called Aquaholic Adventures  where she rents stand-up paddle boards and kayaks as well as providing lessons and eco tours.  Having her own small business, she has gained   knowledge, first hand, of just how important proper marketing and branding can be.  If you want to stand out from the competition you need to have a unique brand, from logo up.   In addition to drawing and entrepreneurship , Jen has been a professional photographer as well.  Whatever your design needs, we have you covered !  From logo, to web, to storefront design, to commisioned artwork for your walls or faux painting effects , creative scape studios can transform your space into a successful business.